Manuel Rial

Born in Cambados in 1966. Innovation & Educational Technology Ph.D. by UNIB (2023). Master in Education by UNIR (2019). Degree in Computer Engineering by Ui1 (2018).

Career civil servant of the City Council of Cambados attached to the Bureau of Statistics.

Teacher of Digital Literacy and ICT in Workshop Schools.
Scientific disseminator in the fields of educational innovation, ICT, computing and data analysis.

What I Do


Used internally and to display events such as "Cambados Cidade Europea do Viño 2017"


APP and websites created for the Cambados City Council as "Portal de transparencia", "Viveiro de empresas", "OMIX"...


Disseminator of scientific articles based on educational topics and research.


Internship Tutor for students of Training Cycles, Public Administration in training programs and Universities.